a) Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning

Can I really have been a teacher for more than twenty years and only now be discovering the joys of Bloom’s Taxonomy ? Personally, I find it fascinating although I know many around me find it extremely dull. Oh well, horses for courses, as they say. If, like me, you enjoy this kind of thing, you can click away here to your heart’s content. I especially like the funky table here.

You can see the whole article here.

New and old versions of Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives are visible here

new bloomsThis here is the new version of the original diagram with the added level of “Creating” at the height of the pyramid.





In the advent of Flipped Classrooms, the Bloom’s model is being called up to be re-thought. Here is a newer version which encompasses the concept :



A recent blog post found on the question of the validity of Bloom’s in the digital age : HERE.






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