Can “play” be considered as “learning” ? That is an interesting question …

It can’t be serious if you are having fun !

Learning involves a compulsory amount of pain.

You can’t enjoy yourself at school.

You are here to learn and not to play.

What a load of tosh !! I firmly believe that you learn so much more effectively if a) you are enjoying yourself and b) you are playing and don’t feel like you are learning. And this is true whatever the age of the learner. If your ultra-cool and grown -up Terminale students try to make you believe they are too old to play, do not believe a word !! We are all still big kids at heart and even if we aren’t, we should be !!

Some fabulous tools and resources exist to transform even the dullest of dull vocabulary lists into a fun Intergalactic Challenge game – and in just 5 minutes of the teacher’s time.

And why did I give this page the title that I did – purely because I wanted it to appear first in the alphabetical list because I believe it is SOOOOOO important.

Intergalactic weather game

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