Homework “Noughts and Crosses” Game

noughts and crosses


Here is a homework game that I use with my students, aged 15+, which is an interesting way to work on homework.

Homework noughts and crosses

The idea is to give 9 potential activities and the students have to complete a minimum of one complete line diagonally. By placing our most important activity in the centre square, we make this the focal point for all students. Around the outer lines, we can place a series of easy and more difficult activities, ensuring that the students complete one difficult and one easy activity minimum.

In my experience, many students voluntarily go ahead and do more than the minimum requirement. As a way of offering a minimum, with possiblity to do more, we allow students to grow, but at the same time we ensure the expectation is there to do at least three homework activities.

As a teacher, we can place our activities strategically. My homework square is presented on-line usually, as I know my students have access. It can also be uploaded to Pronotes or to another platform. Links can be included into the homework square itself. My students actually like the offer of a QR code on the IWB to flash, rather than noting down homework.

For correction, it can be done during classtime, corrections can be made on-line or another alternative, I am going to start experimenting with more peer correction as part of the table islands expermiment.

watch this space

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