I first discovered Triptico in October 2013 and have been experimenting ever since. I have been meaning to track my experiments but am only now getting down to it. Here is the story so far :

Using the student selector : a super successful way of using this is to use it to arrange my pupils in their tables. I have 6 “islands” set up in my classroom and so by using the Pupil Selector to put the kids into 6 groups, hey presto, my islands are done. I am currently changing at each lesson, to shake the pupils out of their rut and make them work with others. It is completely random and so, with my 1STMG class in particular, there is no complaining. They have just accepted it and move around. Great stuff.

We have used the pupil selector button to choose “Team Captains” who are the ones who give out answers or who represent their table. This is totally random and so makes everyone participate, even those who never speak normally.

DOWNSIDE : the random choices make working per level impossible. However mixed ability does have its advantages.

Using the Swipe Selector : to determine who gives their presentation. Excellent tool as it it totally random and they actually see their names flipping over. Much more effective than pulling out of a hat. Keeps them on tenterhooks for a complete lesson.

Using the word magnets : recreating simple sentences seen in the previous lesson, revising vocab.

The word spinner ; same principle – a quick revision for tool as a warm up. Kids love it. They can lead the session and it puts the students at the forefront of the activity. I am lucky enough to have a Smartboard so it is superb for this. It is a quick tool for revising vocab.

The calculator : my 1STMG class are revising numbers and so today, I got them randomly choosing numbers which we tapped into the calculator with one pupil selecting “plus”, “minus”, “times”, “divided by” and they then had to give me the answer number in English as quickly as possible. Excellent levels of participation and very engaging. So easy to set up and no prep for me as a teacher.

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