Interdegrés Training 2014-2015

Training teachers from primary and secondary with a view to establishing common ground is challenging. Here are pages dedicated to that project.

Interdegré 2013

Interdegré 2014-2015

1) Lycée Mermoz, Dakar

2) Collège Guillaume de Conches, Conches en Ouche

3) Collège Maurice de Vlaminck, Verneuil sur Avre

4) Collège Da Vinci, Saint Marcel (près de Vernon)

Programme de la journée

Vocabulary Learning ( Flashcards / vocabulary games)

Listening Skills (Evaluation CM2-6e / Podcast Langues / Banque de Sons / AudioLingua )

Albums for all levels primary-school-topics/02-using-albums/

Examples from CM2-6e liaison training sessions : Loop Cards Clocks / Trivial Pursuit / Monsters / My Day HERE.






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