Dakar 2009 – 2014

For my previous visits to Dakar and previous training courses, I experimented with various googlesites and wikispaces. You can find everything that is available on the links below.

Dakar 2009 : Conscience Phonologique et EMILE

Dakar 2010 : Travailler les compétences orales cycle 2 et 3


Dakar 2011 : Les compétences orales et évaluation A1 et A2 du CECRL


Dakar 2012 : Enseignement de l’anglais à l’école élémentaire : progressions, préparation de séquences et évaluation aux niveaux A1 et A2 du CECRL.


Si vous n’arrivez pas à accéder au wikispace, envoyez-moi un message pour que je vous envoie une invitation.


During the course in October 2012, we worked on using puppets as transitional objects to facilitate speaking. Here are some resources.

Puppets : Making puppets



Sock puppets : Old socks

Little Red Riding Hood example – British Council.

For a more complete page on Little Red Riding Hood, click HERE.







For a sound file and for the masks / finger puppet documents in pdf form, go to my wiki : Wikispace page for Thursday

Pompoms : Pompoms


Dakar 2013 : Enseignement de la DNL – préparation de séquences et évaluation.

The training course in March 2013 is on the subject of D.N.L. or Discipline Non-Linguistique which is very specific to your zone in terms of primary education. The English term for DNL is C.L.I.L. (Content and Language Integrated Learning).


If you are not a member of the wikispace, you cannot participate. You must send an email invitation request to Jenny, if you cannot access the wiki.


Dakar 2014 : Enseignement de l’anglais et DNL à l’école élémentaire

Programmes Officiels

Little Red Riding Hood

Room on the Broom

Weather resources are to be found HERE.

Resources can be found to download  HERE.

Podcasting (Baladodiffusion) HERE.

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