M1 2nd degré ANGLAIS – Mont Saint Aignan

This section is dedicated to the training sessions I run at the ESPE in the Académie of Rouen.


All downloadables can be found in my Dropbox. Click HERE please.

student teacher

I always wanted to be a teacher when I was young. This picture could so easily have been me. One of my best Christmas presents ever was when my mum managed to find me a real school register and I used to fill it in every day with my special teacher’s red pen !! Registration is done electronically these days, but new exercise books and pens are still a source of pleasure to people like me. I know I am not alone !!


LISTENING : For more information on Listening and for examples of recordings that can be used directly in the   classroom, visit my teaching blog http://jennyleger.com/mp3-files/

An example of a recording used for our mock Listening exam on Terminale STI2D is here : http://jennyleger.com/mp3-files/14-bac-blanc-co/14-a-womens-football-salaries/

EVALUATION PROTOCOLE in CM2 : Details can be found on the ac-rouen website and also on this blog by clicking HERE.


A book reference : Teaching Listening Comprehension by Penny UR (CUP, 1984)  :  teaching-listening-comprehension-paperback-frontmatter

Some LISTENING activities to try :

Listening in-class / Listening at home / Via your school VLN / via Pronotes / via your teacher blog.

Quick listening tasks

  • Identify the words in the order you hear them.
  • Identifying numbers
  • Dictation of a sentence / several sentences / of part of a dialogue
  • Sounds > meanings – did you hear PAIR or PEAR ?
  • Re-order the words as you hear them and circle the word you don’t hear.

Read this quote from Penny Ur’s book and see if it is applicable to your ideas :

“Many classroom listening comprehension exercises demand no response until the end of fairly long stretches of speech, so that when it comes, this reponse is largely a test of memory rather than of comprehension.” p.4

A video to watch : 

 A text to read : Click here for the Bac Blanc text

The Baccalaureate : http://jennyleger.com/formation-initiale/m1-meef-ue5/the-baccalaureate-exam/

Using Tripticowww.tripticoplus.co.uk

You can check out my blogpost on using Triptico    http://jennyleger.com/2014/04/29/on-line-play-tools/

Flipped Classrooms https://jennylegertraining.wordpress.com/learning-theory/c-flipped-classroom/

Examples of work from the lycée classroom

Missions Terminales pages 16-17

           Missions Terminale p17mission Terminale p16

Usain Bolt Case Study 

A selection of photos found in google images are available HERE.

usain bolt 4 commonwealth games prince harry

usain bolt 5 gold car Nissan

usain bolt ronaldo


Conflicts Unit (1ère / Terminales)

Resources for Treasure’s Outing

Flipped Lesson on writing dialogues http://jennyleger.com/writing-skills/writing-dialogues-activities/language-practice-for-dialogues/


Whodunnit ?

Working on maximising linguistic ambition in the language classroom (2nde)


Linguistic Ambition blogpost

There are all the downloadables available in my Dropbox    HERE.

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