03. Christmas


Mon livre de Noel “Coup de Coeur” est Norman the Slug who saved Christmas.


Je suis déjà fan de Norman the Slug et dans une idée de progression, on pourrait travailler sur cette histoire après avoir déjà rencontré le personnage dans un autre livre : norman-the-slug-with-a-silly-shell

Il faut dire que j’aime beaucoup les limaces pour les albums car j’ai un autre préféré aussi :


Norman the Slug se travaille super bien avec le tableau de feutre.


et Slug needs a hug se prête au jeu des accessoires (il faut lire l’histoire pour comprendre).

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Gingerbread Men : LK_Gingerbread_sliders

Santa Sacks : I absolutely love bringing in my Santa sacks to Christmas classrooms and they are always very popular with all age groups. My group of headteachers had great fun with them this afternoon and my teenagers thought they were a good laugh this morning. A group of language assistants played the game recently as part of their training programme to much hilarity.

The principle is simple : you put any objects you wish into a Santa sack and the game is guess the objects just by feeling them, without looking in the bag. You can use any objects you choose. With little ones, it is a fun way to revise pencil case objects, fo example but in a Christmas context. I also put a set of doll’s house furniture is a Santa sack once year to revise furniture.

For my older and more able students, I put language requirements on them : I think this might be / this could be / this can’t be / this must be : for revision of modal verbs for expressing possibility. Here are my sacks and some of the objects I have put in them this year.

Santa Sacks 1

Santa sacks 2

Mr Bean’s Christmas – always very popular and who can tire of watching this ?

A Christmas film


and some ideas : http://janetlloyd.blogspot.fr/2014/11/the-magic-of-christmas-watch-read-and.html?spref=fb

Sainsbury’s Christmas ad 2014 


Little snowflake (cycle 1/2)

Une chanson sympa et mignonne, découverte sur YouTube plus une activité manuelle à essayer pour fabriquer des “little snowflakes” à coller aux fenêtres et à emporter à la maison le soir.

Karaoke version

Making snowflakes

Christmas theme albums


Cycle 2 – Sssh – Julie Sykes and Tim Warnes

silence père noel

Cycle 3 Father Christmas needs a wee – Nicholas Allan




Christmas flashcards, songs (including Chinese version of We wish you a merry Christmas) and card games can be found HERE in my Dropbox.

A list of Christmas resources : around-about-christmas-list-of-resources

Christmas Countdown Calendar : https://tekhnologic.wordpress.com/2015/11/23/countdown-to-christmas/



Mog’s Christmas Calamity

Buster the Boxer

The Christmas Robin

The greatest gift

Christmas Songs