Special Educational Needs

This year I have the pleasure of having some kids with recognized Special Educational Needs in my classes and I am actually thrilled because it is pushing me to research and investigate how I can best help them to achieve their full potential. I love finding out about new stuff and new adaptations for making my teaching more effective. On this page, I intend to chart my findings and to give an suggestions that may be useful to pass on to colleagues.

An article that attempts to define what Special Needs encompasses : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special_needs  /  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special_education

Is anyone familiar with this body ? https://www.european-agency.org/

This article is aimed at kids to help them understand some of their peers’ potential issues : http://kidshealth.org/kid/feeling/friend/special_needs.html

The cases I am looking at particularly this year are very different and yet, it would appear to me, quite similar. I have a student who is dyslexic and I have a student with motor skills, making writing very difficult for him. Although the reasons are not the same, writing would appear to be a common point for my two. I am therefore going to be concentrating on this area to begin with.

As often, I begin by activcating my network. One of my colleagues has done a good deal of work on hearing-impairment and he pointed the following references out to me :



A specialist from the UK sent me a book reference to check out :


I will feedback on this book once I have read it !!

Writing : to begin with, I am going to experiment with using a special font for any worksheets etc called Dyslexie. I have downloaded the free version for private use from this website HERE.

This is what the font looks like :

dyslexia font picture

I will get feedback from my student quickly, I hope and also from his professional team (Speech Therapist).

Some thoughts I have found. I don’t know enough about dyslexia for the moment to be able to sure of the truth of these images, but it is useful for me to being by reading them and then coming to my own conclusions.



dyslexia_is_real_-_ALBIDA dyslexia_symptoms Famous-dyslexics




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