TICE-less teaching

,o tech

When you don’t have access to technology in your school, either through it not being a priority or through lack of funding, you have to be a TICE-less teacher and there are still a lot of them around. There is a lot of talk of the Digital Age and how everyone should have access to computers – but what about those who don’t ? When, as in classes in the schools I see in Africa, you don’t have tablets or ipods or even a regular reliable internet connection in the classroom, or you don’t have a laminator to make your card games or a colour printer to make things attractive, what can you do ?

2014-02-07 13.01.03

Hello the children and staff at Dial Diop School, Dakar. To be true, I have to also include this photo of their interactive white board (when the board itself was actually sheets of white paper stuck to the wall).

2014-02-07 13.01.44

In this section, you will find various ideas and suggestions for TICE-less teaching. it is not an official term but one I invented for my session on the subject when in Dakar in January 2015. It pleases me and I hope, gets the idea across. This section will evolve with time. Hope you find it useful.

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